How can small businesses use social media to grow

How can small business use social media

Social media is no longer something to explain but rather the new way of life. How we know about what is happening, how we meet people, how we learn. In the early years social media was just about people who knew each other keeping in touch in a semi-direct way. It was something close to email but not really that personal unless you are directly messaging with someone.

Some people and companies were able to see the opportunity of raising awareness of their interests or work. Now, the companies and brands that do not utilize social media are regarded as 'left behind'. Why is this? Because it is actually true that people like connecting with their brands closely.

What then does this mean for your small business or idea? That you can leverage your small (or big) social media presence to build you brand. Your brand does gain meaningful recognition from social media and this recognition will eventually bring you customers to grow your business.

Big companies like BMW and Lenovo - just to mention a few have seem this opportunity and exploited it to finally resulting in sales and revenue of course. By interacting and engaging with people via social media, the create a bond which acts as a major deciding factor the next time these people have to make decision on what product or service.

For small businesses, the playing ground is somewhat level as far as what social media might be used for. Yes a company like Microsoft might be able to pay huge sums for their social media campaign, but even a small company can reach a sizable number of people with the right strategy. This is highly uneven if other forms of advertising such as news papers and TV are concerned.

What really makes all the difference on social media is engaging. This should be obvious since we are talking about SOCIAL media. To be social you have to engage people and it is from this engagement that bonds are forged between your brand / business and many more people who will bring you business because your brand is their PEER. They hang out with your brand, they like what you talk about and you know and acknowledge what they like and appreciate.

Social media is a huge opportunity that can not simply be explained in a single post, but definitely a huge opportunity that can be used right. How have you exploited this chance?