Beyichini CRM Solution

Beyichini offers CRM solutions for businesses and organisations. A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management software and businesses use CRM software to manage all their customers' information and processes.

At the start, CRM solutions were just a list of customers with little detail but now CRM is a fully featured tool used by organisations both big and small from a variety of sectors - to manage work processes and serve the needs of the customers.

What a CRM does is to streamline the process of work for the organisations. This happens by the use of work flows and several methods of follow up to ensure that all activities are done right and on time and all customers' needs are fulfilled to satisfaction.

What Beyichini does is CRM implementation. We implement a custom solution for your business by utilizing the already existing CRM solutions on the market.

Because we understand what high costs mean to any organization no matter how big, we there for implement a solution that is open source (FREE to use) and instead of incurring product and service charges, the business only incurs service charges that we charge.

It is for this reason that we use SUITECRM. It is free and open source (and promises to always be so), It is robust (to the extent that NHS has implemented it all over UK) and it has a huge community of developers working everyday to make it even better.

Our CRM implementation process can be broken down into 4 major stages.

  1. Needs and requirements gathering and analysis. Here we sit with the organisation to look at what the CRM is intended to serve and how that is to be achieved.
  2. Implementation. Here the devised solutions from stage 1 are made, tested, corrected until they serve their intended goal.
  3. Training and handoff. Here the people that will use the system are trained and given documentation to help them use the CRM system.
  4. Post launch Support (OPTIONAL). Here we agree upon how Beyichini will offer support services for the system and come to an amicable understanding.