Beyichini Web Design

As Beyichini, we offer web design services for individuals , businesses and organizations. This is inspired by the cultural shift that the internet has brought about. The internet has changed how people communicate, work and related and this includes businesses and organizations as much.

Many people have leveraged the power provided by the internet to create change all over the world and their lives but so many have not taken this step and our web design services exist for that reason. Of course it is unreasonable to say we will make websites for everyone in Uganda or even just our local town Mbarara, but we can influence the direction that the industry takes - especially in Africa.

A very common trend of being online (as a business or a person) has little to no returns for the most part and this is because the goals of why someone or some organization goes online are undefined. That is what we do first. We dive deep into our client's need and make sure to understand it and devise ways of addressing it on many possible fronts. For us this is the most crucial stage of the process.

After the needs of a client have been specified and solutions to them devised, then follows the technical work which must reflect high quality workmanship. More over, we are trying to do the work that will be the yard stick against which great work is measured.

To really embody the client's vision, we make sure that our websites are built on a system that champions web security - because that is no joke. Here is a simplified list of features that our websites exhibit.

  1. Secure system. Security on the internet is not a new threat but rather a growing threat and it can not be taken lightly. More than being afraid of being hacked, one should be afraid of what happens after they are hacked and how that impacts their business. The consequences could range from denying people access to stealing very important company information, and this is not something to take lightly.
  2. Responsive design. With mobile phones being more powerful that computers from a decade ago, people are using them all the time to look for information and that means they access your website via their mobile phones. The various smaller and bigger mobile devices. As part of our work with clients, we ensure that their site can be viewed properly on any device of any screen size.
  3. Search Engine and Social Media Optimization. People with find your website via search engines but will interact with you and build a strong relationship via social media. Those are important factors of how the internet works that can not be ignored or compromised up on.
  4. Custom applications. Here we address the specific needs of a person or business and by working together with the client, we find ways of solving such needs.

You can check out some more of our ideas about web design on the blog. You can also take a look at some of our works and see for your self or even still you can contact us and we can answer all your queries.