Capacity building training

Our capacity building training helps both individuals and organisations to run their processes with improved efficiency. We help individual and businesses to skill-up for the ever changing environment of doing business.

Our training is backed by vast forward thinking research in the various sectors for which we train our clients. While traditionally this service has been affordable for big companies and businesses, Beyichini is bringing the secret of big business to every person and business.

We believe in the immense human potential to do even better than the prevailing best, and we work with our research team to make sure you are best equipped to better your best. That is why we have selected training courses that we believe to transform the individual or business.

Our customer care training course  is meant to help businesses and individuals get better returns by leveraging their already existing customer base through providing improved services. We have conducted extensive research that all points to better returns for a business which is providing excellent service to its clients. In a small kind of way, we excitedly hope to be part of the people who are making wheels turn for better business in our local Ugandan and East African communities.

We have other training and skill-up courses in marketing, web design, software development, graphic design, internet security among others. All our trainings are aimed towards creating a change by enabling people to BETTER their BEST. This is why they are unlike any other training you have been to. They are interactive, inclusive and gamified.