Potential of software to Africa's development (according to us at Beyichini) part 1

Software code

Hello and welcome.

From the title, you can tell how far and wide reaching this must span and to be honest we don't know how many parts of this we shall finally make - but we ask you to hang around as we try to show you all that we see in good old fashion computer software and how it has one of the biggest potentials to change Africa for better. To enable Africa utilise its huge potential that has laid untapped for so long - so to say.

The first thing we all have to consider is the fact that Software is supposed to work with existing systems and not create an entirely new mode of life. In simple talk, software is built to serve the people's needs and not the other way around. With that I mind, the potential of software in Africa - especially in the more organised parts of the public and private sector, lies in making suitable software that will enhance the work in all those fields of life.

  1. In Health. In the health sector for example. Software when well implemented and used would save time and increase efficiencies by good percentages. Some research papers suggest that with good software use, doctor patient time would be reduced by over 25%. If you factor that into a whole year, hundreds more people get treated earlier and some deaths are saved.

    To implement such a system would need proper systematic collaboration and participation of all involved parties in the design and implementation of these medical systems. As well as clearly defined rules and regulations.
  2. In Education. Here the potential is more than anyone could predict because education is the biggest factor that can contribute towards development. Real and sustainable development on a broader scale. From quick access to information, to better planning and new breakthroughs in research and innovation. It is purely limitless.

    Proper use of software in all the levels of education would increase efficiency and most importantly reduce geographical factors that make people in certain places with access to more resources learn better than people in others - rural places for example.
  3. In banking. While the banking sector is well integrated with software from the banks' side of things, banking is more towards the regular use of streamlined and easier systems to access financial services. This would do a great deal for trade both in communities and internationally as enhance proper fiscal management by central banks and governments.

With such a wide topic, we have to cover small bytes at a time and give some thought to what could be the actual potential. This would definitely be a superb list if it were more eloquently written down. All in all, the potential of software systems impacting Africa greatly is huge. Share your thoughts of what you think software could do for a specific