About Beyichini

Beyichini is a Ugandan Information and Technology company located in Mbarara Town, in the south western region of the country. We are passionate about people and communities and all our work is geared towards benefiting the regular everyday person.

Since 2014 when Beyichini was started, it is still geared forward by the same desire to create a 'force' that will drive positive change in Uganda and Africa as a whole - and we believe we can create a greater impact through the use of information and the right technology.

We do all this by; providing capacity building and skill development training, Business process outsourcing for SMEs, Cheaper and easy to use software applications for various industries, Building world standard software applications among many other community outreach activities.

We are a 'people' company and do not conduct any business that we believe harms the environment or people's livelihood. You can check out our products and services here or contact us for any query. We are very active on social media and you can contact us there too.