5 questions to ask if you want to do great social media for your brand in 2018

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The new year is already here and we all have to quickly jump in and start doing what we resolved to do for our personal and professional goals. Whatever your social media goals are for 2018, we trust that these five questions will help you finalize your decision before you go into a direction that you really don't want.

As we often point out, social media for brands is more complex than that of individuals and has to be planned for much more intensively. As a working assumption for this article, we presume that you already know the advantages social media can have on your brand or business. Let's jump right in.

1. What kind of customer are you looking for.

This is the first question to ask yourself in order to properly optimize how you deploy and use your resources. It is useless to target the wrong group of people as that will have no return on investment. You have to deeply look at what customers you are looking for and what characterizes those customers and what they like (dislike). This should be easier if you have already gone through the process of creating a customer persona for the business as a whole. An example here could be targeting of people who are aged between 18 - 30 years, living in Uganda, interested in X, Y and Z.

2. What social network are you going to use ?

While it is really tempting to create a big social presence on each and every social network on the internet, some social networks work for certain types of business while the others do not. In the same spirit of targeting the right people, we have to find those people on the social network that will create the most optimal impact towards the attainment of our goals. This will be determined by the desired customer from (1) above.

3. What are your long term goals for social media ?

These are not like the 20 year goal for a whole company but goals for social media that are supposed to get realized in a slow and progressive way. Simply put, these are the goals for which you work toward by doing social media on a regular basis. Such goals could be getting feedback from your customers,improving brand recognition, creating some new leads and customers etc. 

4. How will you track your progress ?

It is true that if you can't measure something, then you can not improve it. With the goals above already set, and a process of reaching them in place, you should know how you will be tracking the progress of your work. While social media platform will offer a great deal of statistics, it is good to always go the extra mile and analyze how the whole plan is going. For example, you might want to determine how people respond to various content from you and make decisions based on that knowledge as well. 

5. How will you implement your social media ?

Finally, we come to the action part. This is where the decision to do it yourself or to use a social media agency come to mind. Should you invest in a team to handle company social media for your business or are you going to use professionals in this implementation. Whatever method of implementation you choose, you still have to make clear the goals and the desired customer and the milestones that have to be hit along the way.

All in all, social media is a great tool for today's business and there is no reason why all businesses can't benefit from the technology. Of course, social media evolves very fast and we encourage you to keep seeking good information so that you are ahead of the curve and therefore benefiting from social media. We hope this is helpful for you as you plan for social media this new year.