5 Reasons Why No One Talks About Company Websites Anymore

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No one talks about company websites

Unless you are talking about how no one talks about the importance of websites for a company, you wont have anything to talk about websites. It is like talking about why you should have electricity in your home or why mobile phones are important. Here are five reasons why;

  1. No one doesn't know that a website helps a company gain credibility. It is now norm for people to 'google' you and your company. That is them trying to know whether or not your company is credible for that person's interests.
  2. Every company knows the valuable and cheap advertising that comes with having a website. Whether the company/ business has a website or not - for whatever reasons, all businesses know that a website helps a company's advertising at cheaper rates. Of course, whether companies are leveraging this properly or not is up for debate in most cases.
  3. The best thing about the internet is because it is open 24 hours 7 days a week, all year through. Everyone knows that even at 3 AM in the morning, you can access apple's website to look at that new iPhone. But companies look at it even much differently, they know that a website is as good as having a 24 hour open office where people from any timezone can reach them for information and business.
  4. Showcasing of work. Websites could correctly be defined as places where we go to check out the work of our favorite companies or people. We go to apple.com to see their work on the iPhone or iPad, we go to BMW to see which new car they are working on. Businesses know this and use websites to showcase their work to everyone in the whole world.
  5. We all rush to someone's website when we have questions or complaints about their service, and that is how websites help companies to improve their customer service. Improved customer service in business is as much of a competitive advantage as is having superior quality products or services and companies know this fact all too well; that is why no one talks about it.

Of course, some companies and businesses do not have websites, some have websites but those websites are serving a substandard purpose when it comes to helping the company do business. That is why web design is still existent as work; because as the internet landscape changes, businesses need to stay ahead of that curve and there for to always better themselves as far as online footprint is concerned.