Approaching your social media marketing strategy

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Approaching your SMM strategy

Social media marketing is the ever changing marketing lifestyle that we live with. Companies both small and big are rushing in for the audience that is potential clientele for them. How one approaches social media determines whether the effort will have a good or a poor return on investment. 

First of all, planning. Companies or their out sourcing partners must make time to fully plan on what they want to achieve as a result of the social media marketing. Goals have to be set and timestamps assigned for when such goals shall be checked upon. A goal might be as easy as 10 Instagram posts every month and that is good. It has to be Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. The mistake most social media marketing service provides and experts do is give hopes for astronomic results and that is simply not achievable.

The second part of your strategy is auditing your previous work. It is important to know your initial rooting because as you do continuous audits for your goals, you will need a clear starting point. This means you have to look at all social presence you have and make solid decisions on what platforms you will be using and which nes you will get rid of.

Thirdly, you have to get inspiration from others. Watch what others in your industry are doing and how it is working. Know which strengths they are capitalizing on and which of their weak points you will exploit for your own strategy. When you watch what your industry competitors are doing, you save yourself the trouble of reinventing the wheel. You work with tested blue prints and work faster.

Create a content plan and calendar. The reason you create a content plan is because you can't just do it and do it well. You need a clear way of reaching goals and a calendar for your content will do that for you. This will guide you on when to post what type of content on what platform and for what end purpose. A content plan and calendar is a way of optimizing time to get the most out of your effort. Most social media marketing tools are based around this and depending in what you use, they save time.

Lastly - as with any plan, implement, evaluate and adjust accordingly. It all comes down to this. This is the actual work that results are measured against. As you  evaluate and adjust fot improvement, the strategy evolves and perfectly fits the business goals and the customer's expectation. That is the goal of the whole social media marketing strategy that your business should work towards reaching.

What do you think is the most important part of creating a social media marketing strategy?