Does using a CRM system fit into your business model ?

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CRM considerations for you

Before rushing someone into the whole CRM talk, it is important to understand if and how the use of CRM will fit into their business. Simply put, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a software application that is used to manage and direct a business or company and its relationship with its customers.

While all business works to serve their customers to their best ability, a CRM isn't a one size fits all. Some businesses will need the use of CRM at some of their  processes and not the others. While the promise of a fully organisation system is good, the implementation can be tricky and therefore lead to bad results.

If you are in charge of a business, you should carefully analyze whether you need a full scale CRM implementation or you need to implement it for certain processes and scale up from there. Wrongly implementing such a crucial software system will affect work negatively especially as far as using the said system is concerned. The system isn't supposed to be another problem for your staff, it is meant to enable them work better.

For instance, A school might want to implement a CRM for their activities but should it go fully scale and make a 360 change everywhere ? Or should the school implement this systematically and start with new admissions and slowly evolve the entirety of all processes as people gain more confidence in the system? This is supposed to be highly considered because we have seen cases of projects taking four times more than planned time because of not considering this kind of thing.

Software is never the problem but the initial stages can fail and that transfers into the next stages. Whatever the side of the implementation you belong, you have to learn the fact that the software only serves a small part in the implementation and the bigger part is about the people and processes. Can the software work well with the processes ? are the people capable of implementing and using the system well ? Is everything thoroughly tested by all involved parties?

This post serves to point out the major areas of consideration and is definitely not exhaustive because for such a broad topic, there should be a series of blog posts about each and every small thing.