The motivation behind Beyichini Town Hall meetings.

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Building bridges

Beyichini Town Hall is not one among the many service we offer, it is the service in which we get the chance to work with the community towards greater achievements. We don't say this out loud but one of our core goals is to give back to the community in a positive and sustainable way.

There are many ways of giving back - obviously; but we chose our core method to be through direct involvement of the community through the highest level of involvement and engagement for all. And that is what the Beyichini Town Hall is all about. Working with normal people to change their communities. This is not Beyichini changing lives, it is Beyichini leading to changed lives through others.

We understand that if everyone came together, the world would be a better place for all of us and that is why we are taking the small steps that we can manage towards creating this inclusive community. Beyichini Town Hall is a community. A community of people working to solve their problems in the best way they can.

Much as this is a hard fact to admit, Our local problems on the community level and even up to African level will only be overcome when the initiative among the affected persons increases. This doesn't guarantee immediate results or a soft journey, but it beats doing nothing by huge numbers.

And that is simply what Beyichini Town Hall is about. Encouraging each other to take and persist on the tough journey of creating a better future for everyone by all of us. Having a community that is very inclusive for everyone and appreciative of every effort will do something. We don't just believe that, we Know it. We know it with certainty comparable to one's own self.

We are still in the initial stages and the Town Hall is only happening in Mbarara, Uganda - at our offices. We are still in the process of formulating a bigger network where everyone everywhere can have the great opportunity. That is indeed what inclusion is about, right? 

More updates will be coming to you through all our channels. Feel free to weigh in and talk with us about Town Hall or any other of our work. We always love getting to know about you.